Corporate Insurance

Corporate Insurance

Corporate insurance is an additional facility and privilege given to the employees by the employer. It helps to ensure the safety and security of the employees. The benefit for the employer is to show it as a business expense and save tax of the company. The benefit to the employees is decent cover and protection with a nominal premium and wider benefits.

If the group size is small then we can design a suitable product subject to the requirement of the organization considering their budget, benefits required, and the strength of the employees.

This is a group health policy that can be customized exclusively for the group. Additional features in this policy can be a waiver of waiting period like cover from day one, maternity benefits, corporate buffer. This plan can be given individually to employees or floater along with their family members.

This plan provides life insurance protection to the employees and can be taken under the group policy. If there are any new members added or deleted changes can be made in the master policy.

Gratuity is a compulsory benefit to be provided to the employee as per gratuity act subject to employee fulfills required condition.

This plan is nonlinked, nonparticipating, Life group saving insurance products.

This plan is suitable for employers having defined benefits/defined contribution for their employees.

Apart from these schemes that can be taken in the group

  • Provident Fund
  • ESIC(EmployeeStateInsuranceCorporation) WorkmenCompensation,
  • Group Personal Accident Policy

You can contact us to know more details and process for group schemes for your employees.

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