Pension Plan

Pension Plan

Pension is required for the age when we have less and almost no income but fixed expenses will continue to be rising. For salaried class the ideal age to receive pension is from age 60 years 0r 58 years depending upon their company norms on retirement age.

Today due to heavy workload people even opt for early retirement popularly known as VRS. There are certain professions whose income is quite high but job span or working durations is very less. This class pension planning is not only crucial but passive income planning is must to maintain their lifestyle too. For Eg. Pilots, Shipping Professionals, Actors, Models Etc.

Pension can be broadly planned by either selecting one of the two types.

Pension can be started as early as from next month. This investment is exclusively in Annuity Plans and investment is only one time (Single Investment ) in lumpsum.

This kind of pension is suitable for those who receive an amount in lump sum through any sale of property, shifting from the traditional fixed deposit plan to pension plan, lumpsum amount received as gift into pension plan. This can take care of the regular passive income. Businessmen who wish to have fixed passive income. Ideal for people who receive seasonal income like farmers, actors, real estate consultants, Sportsmans, Free lance consultants etc.

Age group for Annuity

Plan 1 : Jeevan Akshay

This Pension Plan offers immediate pension fixed and guaranteed for life long.

  • Age Group 30 to 100 years
  • Minimum Investment 1 lakh
  • Maximum : No upper Limit


  • Age 40 Investment Amount 10 lakhs. GST @ 1.8 Percent. Actual Investment amt 10.18 lakhs
  • Yearly Pension 53050
  • Half Yearly Pension 26075
  • Qtly Pension.12925
  • Monthly Pension 4279

Plan 2 : Jeevan Shanti

This Pension Plan offers pension in deferred option. Ideally recommended for those who have lump sum corpus and wish to plan pension after a few years.

  • Age Group 30 to 79 yrs
  • Minimum Investment 1.5 lakhs
  • Maximum : No upper Limit


  • Age 40 Investment Amount 10 lakhs with deferred option of 5 years Actual Investment amt 10.18 lakhs
  • Yearly Pension 66500
  • Half Yearly Pension 32606
  • Qtly Pension.16142
  • Monthly Pension 5327

Plan 3 : Saral Pension

TThis plan is the age group of 40 to 80 years. Minimum Investment 1 lakhs. There is no upper limit on investment amount. Plan available with option of immediate pension. Pension can be opted on single life as well as joint life. 95 percent surrender value is available in case critical illness is detected to the annuitant,spouse or children of the annuitant.

This pension planning is suitable for all those who wish to invest systematically every month and wish to receive pension after a certain number of years ideally after retirement or like to have passive income regularly.

Jeevan Umang

This plan is a unique plan which makes provision of your pension needs and parallely a corpus is build for your family.

USP of the plan. (ATM Card with lifetime balance)

(Lifetime Birthday, Anniversary Gift, Most suitable for your pension needs, Passive Income Plan)

  • Pension is 8 % of Sum assured
  • Pension is Tax Free
  • Pension is Guaranteed
  • Corpus is tax free
  • Loan Facility Available after 2 years
  • Tax Benefit Available in this plan.


  • Age 30
  • Sum Assured 12.50 lakhs
  • Investment Period 20 years
  • Annual Investment 69309
  • Half Yearly Investment 35011
  • Quarterly Investment 17683
  • Monthly Investment 5895
  • Yearly returns of 1 lakh tax free till the age of 99
  • Lump Sum Tax Free amount 1.44 crores to the nominee

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