Single Investment Plan

Single Investment Plan

Single investment also popularly known as a one-time investment is mostly preferred by the class who don't want or like to have that recurring or regular options of payments. This is mostly when you are nearing your retirement and don't want a long-term payment product.

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Single investment is ideal when you wish to gift a product to your family member, from grandparent to grandson or grandaughter or son or daughter. Seasonal businesses can also opt for this option and make decent savings for the future. The taxation aspect needs to be taken care of in these investments. There is also an option where the annuity amount received annually can be reinvested to regular investment. This can serve two purposes where the amount received is not required immediately and for long-term goals.

Various options of a single investment

  • Fixed Deposit
  • Postal Investment
  • Lumpsum Investment through Mutual Funds
  • Investment in Bonds
  • Investment in Stocks
  • Investment in Derivatives
  • Annuity Plans
  • Deferred Annuity Plans
  • Child Gift Funds

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